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Mission & Vision

The idea of an electromagnetic (EM) industry-academia consortium was initiated on July 7, 2010, when the five-year-fifty-billion (5Y50B) program sponsored by Ministry of Education to promote the international first-class universities and world top research centers proceeded to its last year. Being one of Excellent Research Projects of National Taiwan University (NTU) under the 5Y50B program, the EM group has achieved great milestone success in academic excellence, partly evidenced by leading publications in several IEEE archival Journals. In order to keep the research momentum and extend the technology innovation to real applications for better benefiting the humanity, the EM group should seek for the collaboration and support from the industry in a broader scope and more universities in the whole island. 

The dark sides from 5Y50B program also emerged, including the increasingly fierce competition among universities, widening gap between academia and industry, and distracted attention in teaching. These altogether will diminish the students’ ability and capability in facing future challenges, thereby resulting in loss of national competitiveness. Serving as a remedy, the Taiwan EM Industry-Academia Consortium (TEMIAC) is advocated to integrate resources from industry and different universities for the missions: to attract more talents, promote innovative research, preempt industry-academia barriers, and stimulate cutting-edge technologies in EM area. 

The propaganda has been enthusiastically welcome by EM society and well received by industry leaders. In half a year, the EM group in NTU has been allied with those in NCTU, NCU, NTUST, NTUT, YZU, NCCU, and NSYSU, and jointly obtained the donation from twelve leading industry, including TSMC, MediaTek, Ralink, Garmin, WNC, ASUS, Quanta, Intel, Himax, MTI, Realtek, and Chunghwa Telecom. As a result, the kick-off ceremony of TEMIAC held on Dec. 17 has become a smashing success, with warm attendance of crosssector leaders, including Minister without Portfolio J. F. Chang, NSC President L. C. Lee, and the Presidents of NTU, NCTU, NTUST, and NTUT. 

With the participation of 100 professors and nearly 800 graduate students, the TEMIAC has become a powerful engine to promote the EM innovation, advancement, and applications. It has marked the first cross-university consortium with full industry sponsorship for research and education. The wind of academia-industry cooperation may spread other disciplines in Taiwan one day, by the butterfly effects as we wish. 
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Ruey-Beei Wu, TEMIAC Coordinator